Friday, October 7, 2011


On my way home yesterday afternoon from work I have seen how Davao City has changed this recent years from good to worst. Since my early childhood my family has lived in our house in Matina, Davao city. I have never encountered flooding in major roads going south of the city except for road parts in Bangkal and Ulas. Just yesterday wherein the rain started early around 3 p.m. I have seen that roads leading to GSIS is now being flooded and traffic jam is getting worse by the minute. I was also amazed by what I saw in Quimpo boulevard wherein traffic was extended from SM south to John Paul college. Although the flooding in major parts of the city easily subsides after the rain this is a sign that no infrastrature support is feasible if people will not help in minimizing the garbage output of every household. The effects of climate change will definitely hit Davao City sooner or later as waterways in our city are being redirected or clogged by the on going infrastructure developments around the city but if engineering intervention will be planned properly together with an efficient system of garbage collection and control this may be able to help minimize flooding in our city. As citizens of our beloved Davao City we are duty bound to help alleviate the problems of our city in any simple way we can.

Monday, October 3, 2011

I have 2 vehicles in my disposal to aid me with the performance of my job in the plantation. My first vehicle is a 4x4 Suzuki Samurai, which in my own opinion is the best 4x4 unit in the Philippines today. This vehicle is very tough and can surpass any commercial high end 4x4 in the market today. Unlike other high end 4x4 that are very high maintenance and too “beautiful” to really use in the off road terrain the Samurai is built to withstand the harshest punishment from any upland terrain. Its gasoline engine gives you unlimited torque and power during mud stuck up and manoeuvring a steep portion of my plantation. In my 10 year experience managing a plantation in the mountainous regions of Davao City, my samurai vehicle has never failed to bring me home even during the hardest season of the year. The vehicle gives me a sort of confidence that given a good set of tires, under chassis and top condition engine it can definitely give you an assurance that there is not road, river and mountain impossible to pass as long as there are roads established for vehicles.

The major setback of this design is that it has only 2 doors which make it difficult for passengers to ride at the back portion of the cabin. It has also a shorter wheel base that creates a strong bump during off road and highway travels. Although it could be easily maintained due to its cheap parts the Samurai also consumes a great deal of fuel on my experience this vehicle has a fuel efficiency of 1 litre unleaded gasoline fuel is to 6 kilometres. Over all durability and strength of this vehicle is a force to be reckon with but considering the economic times this vehicle should only be limited to short distance travels.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Our Little House

My buddy and I will be forming a family next year and we have been looking for a place where we could settle our future family. We have been canvassing for a house and lot around Davao City and for quiet a time we have failed to choose the house that suits our requirements. After some time we found a house that is located south of the city and the developer offers a great deal of amenities that ensures quality and comfortable leaving. Our future house will be near a school and church which is conducive for a business venture. We are very excited of our own little palace and we will be filling it with love for our family and our incoming children with the guidance of our Almighty God.

Friday, September 30, 2011

Bananas everywhere

The banana industry in Mindanao started during the 1960's and only a few companies developed Abaca and corn areas into banana plantations. As time goes on more and more tract of lands are being converted into banana plantations. In the first few years of the banana business in Mindanao a lot of positive things came along with the development of plantations. In areas where a plantation is being established, employment and economic growth was felt as more people help circulate money in the local economy in terms of purchases and other services. A number of landed people also greatly benefited as there lands are legally leased by companies giving them a chance to hold large amounts of money that covers the rent of a certain land for a number of years. As time pass by many companies also come in as new players bringing along with them different ideas that will entice land owners to convert their lands into banana plantation such as growership and lease to growership schemes. This situation greatly increased the hectarage of banana plantations throughout Mindanao.

The situation of the banana industry nowadays has greatly changed. Majority of the landowners that owns more than 1 hectare of land are now keen on engaging different companies through growership and direct selling methods. The business has now greatly matured which means that everybody knows his way around the business thus greatly liberating the process. Although this situation has greatly increased the income potential of small farmers it can also affect the entire banana industry of the Philippines as scrupulous land owners and other middle men are willing to risk the quality image of our bananas in the world market to gain money on a short term basis.
Our quality image as a country that exports bananas is very important for the survival of the banana industry and we Filipinos must understand that profit is one side of the business and the other side is QUALITY…..

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Working hard

I have been working hard for the past few weeks for a certain goal that will greatly affect my future and the future of my family. Although everything is not clear as of the moment, I can see that everything is now being being aligned into becoming a great success. I have been working for this company for the past 10 years and I think the time has come to be my own man.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Threat to livelihood

In the Philippines particularly in the island of Mindanao, the banana industry is considered to be one of the major income generating sector of the business industry. In the last decade alone the banana industry has injected millions of dollars in exports sales to our gross domestic product. It also employs thousands of workers as large tracts of land are being converted to banana plantations throughout the island of Mindanao. This means that a number of people depends its livelihood to the growth and survival of the banana business. On the year 2004, a disease was discovered in a plantation in Wines, Calinan, Davao City, which has the capability to wipe out the banana industry in a span of 50 years if not properly addressed by our authorities and the major players of the banana industry. This disease is a fungus that is soil borne and it has a scientific name Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. cubense unlike the common disease encountered before by the banana industry this type of fungus can survive in the soil without any source of food thus rendering any area useless for banana production in many years. As of the moment experts in the field of Agriculture has not found any breakthrough to control such a disease but has found ways of slowing down its spread through cultural practices and strict disinfection. This disease is greatly threatening the livelihood of many people and their dependents what is also depressing is that some people do not understand the implications of not treating such a disease using the most effective method as of the moment which is soil disinfection through slow burning using rice hulls. There are many ways introduced to local farmers on how to "control" the dreaded this but all of this are not supported by any scientific studies and are all found out be the source of the increase of land that is now affected by the disease. I hope our government will intervene as soon as possible because such a disease has already wiped out the banana industry of many tropical countries in Asia.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

I'm Back !!!

I am back after a long rest from blogging and I am very excited to be in the blogging community again. As of today, my outlook in life is slowly changing and I am beginning to see things on a different perspective. My plans are now starting to fall into it's places and I hope that everything will be alright with God's help. I am very happy nowadays because my buddy and I was able to find ways to secure a house of our own for our family next year. I hope God will continue to bless us always with good health and prosperity. :)